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Are you tired of dealing with unsightly cracks and damage to your concrete pool deck? Look no further! Fresno Concrete Repair and Leveling specializes in top-notch concrete pool deck repair services in Fresno, CA. Our dedicated team is committed to transforming your pool area, ensuring it remains a stunning and safe space for years to come.

Services Included in Concrete Pool Deck Crack Repair

  • Crack Sealing: Effectively sealing cracks to prevent water penetration and further damage.
  • Leveling and Resurfacing: Ensuring a smooth and even surface for enhanced safety and aesthetics.
  • Color Matching: Restoring the color and vibrancy of your pool deck for a fresh look.
  • Structural Repairs: Addressing underlying structural issues to ensure the long-term stability of your pool deck.
  • What Causes Concrete Pool Deck to Sink?

    Understanding the causes of a sinking concrete pool deck is crucial. Common factors include soil erosion, poor installation, and water drainage issues. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to identify the root cause and implement effective solutions, preventing future sinking problems.

    DIY on How to Repair Concrete Pool Deck

                      1. Safety First:

        • Wear safety glasses, gloves, and any other necessary protective gear.
      1. Clean the Surface:

        • Use a pressure washer to clean the pool deck thoroughly.
        • Remove dirt, debris, and loose concrete. A wire brush can help with stubborn areas.
      2. Remove Damaged Concrete:

        • If there are cracks or loose pieces, use a chisel and hammer to remove them.
        • Clean out the damaged area, making it a solid surface.
      3. Apply Bonding Agent:

        • Apply a bonding agent to the cleaned and prepared surface. This helps the new concrete adhere to the old surface.
      4. Mix Concrete Patch or Resurfacer:

        • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the concrete patch or resurfacer. Consistency is crucial, so ensure you follow the recommended water-to-mix ratio.
      5. Apply the Concrete Patch:

        • Use a trowel to apply the mixed concrete patch or resurfacer to the damaged areas.
        • Smooth the surface to match the surrounding concrete. Feather the edges to blend seamlessly.
      6. Cure the Repair:

        • Allow the repaired area to cure according to the product instructions. This typically involves keeping it moist for a specified time to aid the curing process.
      7. Seal the Deck (Optional):

        • Consider applying a concrete sealer to protect the entire pool deck. This step can help prevent future damage and extend the life of the repair.
      8. Clean Up:

        • Clean your tools and dispose of any waste according to local regulations.

    Using PolyLevel to Repair Concrete Pool Deck

    PolyLevel is an advance technology we employ for concrete pool deck repair. This high-density polyurethane foam efficiently lifts and levels sunken concrete, providing a stable and long-lasting solution. Count on us to utilize innovative methods for the best results in your pool deck restoration.

    Tips when Repairing Cracks on your Concrete Pool Deck

    • Work in small sections to ensure proper blending with the existing concrete.
    • Follow the specific guidelines and drying times provided by the concrete patch or resurfacer manufacturer.
    • Avoid walking on the repaired areas until they are fully cured.
    • Consider applying a non-slip finish if the pool deck becomes slippery when wet.

    Remember, if the damage is extensive or if you’re unsure about your ability to handle the repair, it’s recommended to consult with a professional for assistance.

    Schedule Your Pool Deck Concrete Repair Service Today

    At Fresno Concrete Repair and Leveling, we take pride in being your trusted partner for pool deck repair in Fresno, CA. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction set us apart in the industry. Contact us today at 559-234-4805 to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our expert services can make for your outdoor oasis.

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    Concrete pool repairs typically cost around $75 per linear foot for small cracks

    . This estimate provides a reliable basis for budgeting and addressing concrete issues around your pool.

    To effectively repair a concrete pool deck, begin by chiseling out the crack to eliminate any loose concrete fragments. Thoroughly clean the area, removing all debris and dust with a broom, shop vac, or air compressor. Apply the filler directly into the cracks, periodically checking and adjusting as needed, and allow it to cure over a 24-hour period for a durable and lasting repair.

    Concrete pool decks may develop cracks if the surrounding soil isn’t adequately compacted

    , leading to excessive shifting and poor drainage. Addressing soil compaction issues is crucial to prevent cracking and maintain the integrity of your concrete pool deck.

    Prevent concrete pool leaks effectively by employing a sealing injection method with high-quality TDI polyurethane

    . This advanced technique provides a durable and lasting solution to safeguard your pool structure.

    Look for the superior Polyurethane crack injection method for repairing cracks in a concrete pool

    . This advanced technique ensures a thorough and lasting fix, enhancing the structural integrity of your pool.

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